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Air Jordan 1 LowOG Neutral Grey Review - Basketball Shoes

  • Monday, 27 September 2021
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Air Jordan 1 LowOG Neutral Grey Review - Basketball Shoes

The Air Jordan 1 LowOg Neutral Grey is a re-issue of an original model year of Michael Jordan's original low top basketball shoe.air jordan 1 low og neutral grey This lightweight basketball shoe features all the classic elements of a Jordan shoe while also introducing some new elements as well. The air cushioning and outsole of this classic basketball shoe will most likely be the same as the original, but the neutral grey color has been substituted with a white. The new neutral grey color scheme on the basketball shoe comes straight from the new 'Infrared' series of basketball shoe that features a white exterior with a range of grey color combinations. These Jordan shoes also use the traditional rubber soles with the Air Jordan branding stamped across the sole.

The Air Jordan 1 LowOg Neutral Grey is a common color pairing to the first air Jordan basketball shoe.air jordan 1 low og neutral grey air jordan 1 low og neutral grey This colorway was first introduced for the 1985 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, Australia. This design was actually the first of many colorways of the original. The shoe was a huge success due to its unique design and popular reception. However, the low profile of this particular sneaker makes it somewhat difficult to use in normal circumstances.

The Air Jordan 1 LowOg Neutral Grey is able to rise to the occasion and does so quite well. The white and grey combination works extremely well together to create a look that is classy but still dynamic. The low profile of the shoe also makes it one of the easier basketball shoes to run in, as the raised portions of the tongue and the collar does not interfere with the foot movement much when running. The entire shoe features a comfortable leather upper, which is nice to look at but does make the shoe rather stiff when running.

The outsole on the Air Jordan 1 LowOg Neutral Grey is made of rubber, which is a bit more flexible than the material used on the basketball shoe's upper. This means that the shoe is able to conform to the shape of your foot even when worn, which helps it to provide a good fit and great traction. The outsole also features a unique hook-and-loop design that helps maintain grip on the floor. The outsole also adds just enough traction on both the inside and outside to ensure that the shoe is stable and balanced no matter what surfaces you are playing on.

The inside of the shoe is also extremely well made. It has a soft and cushioned design that provides comfort for long hours of wear. The first official Air Jordan shoe has been around for many years and has seen quite a lot of changes to how it is designed and constructed, but the first version still offers an excellent base for those looking for a comfortable and versatile basketball shoe.

This year's version comes with an updated design for an improved feel and cushioning for all-around use. In addition to the great materials used on the shoe, it now has a more flexible midsole to make walking easier and delivering a smoother ride for longer games. It also includes a collar on the shoe that offers extra grip for better balance and stability and has taken advantage of the latest in shoe technology by including an adjustable lacing system. The Air Jordan 1 LowOg Neutral Grey is one of the best looking and most balanced basketball shoes on the market, making it one of the most popular basketball shoes currently available.

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