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The Jordan 11 Low Legend Blue Can Be a Workout Perfection

  • Thursday, 08 July 2021
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Details On April 21, Nike releases the all-white Air Jordan 11 Low Legend.jordan 11 low legend blue The Air Jordan 11 Low Legend is derived from an official colorway of Michael Jordan's classic eleventh major basketball release. Originally called the “Columbia‟ Jordan 11 when it was first released, the colorway is in fact a pure white/light-blue design, sans any official branding by Nike or Jordan.

jordan 11 low legend blue

The most notable element on the new Legend is the color pairing's contrast, especially between the black and white midtown and the darker brown leather on the heel. Unlike the majority of Nike's basketball designs, this one goes for more of a mixed shade. Its main contrasts are the light-blue but also has black accents. It features a clean block print that has vertical lines running across it in a fairly straight manner. It comes complete with a black swoosh and the Air Jordan logo on the tongue, which were embossed at the back of the shoe.

As pointed out before, there is no official design or signature line on the Legend but it certainly sports a fairly modern feel and design. It features a seamless outsole featuring asymmetrical textured laces. Despite its modern elements, it still follows the Jordan style appeal by including a large amount of black leather. It sits low and tapers slightly to the top of the midfoot, just below the toes, allowing it to be stylish without being bulky and overwhelming.

With a near full reverse effect of the Legend Black and White series, the Jordan 11 Low Legend Blue brings a refreshing change to the series. Unlike the low top version, this one comes with an increased emphasis on black. This color is popular as of late and is worn by many male athletes due to its association with power, masculinity and dominance. However, this color is not only popular amongst men; even women can identify with this color. A black and white combination really works well and comes in a very versatile design.

The white and black combination on the Jordan 11 Low is striking and goes well with all colors of the Jordan logo. The way the white contrasts with the black makes it stand out and create an impression. This design comes with rubber soles which protect the base of the shoe yet do not dilute the true greatness of the design. This gives it the necessary protection from bumps, scrapes and bruises.

Although the Jordan 11 Low Legend Blue  comes with a classic look and feel, it does not sacrifice comfort and durability. It features a mid-top construction that are well cushioned and soft to the touch, and a leather upper that is light but durable and easy to care for. There are subtle details such as perforations around the collar and laces, which help make the shoe look less like a typical basketball shoe and more as if it is a high fashion sneaker. It also has a soft mid foot liner which makes it ideal for running and other activities where the ankle is at risk of getting injured. When you wear the Jordan 11 Low Legend Blue sneaker, you will definitely be able to take off and enjoy your workout.

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